In 1990, a spirited group of Filipino college students attending the University of California, Irvine conceived a new organization. Ostensibly labeled as "The Dark Boyz" because of their dark skin and Ilocano heritage, they sought a community where brothers and sisters could thrive in a kinship guided by the principles of intellectual awareness, social responsibility, personal integrity, and brotherly love. In May of that same year, these seventeen founding fathers united to create "The Dark Boyz", reclaiming the label as their own. In the spirit of true brotherhood, and in jest, the brothers adopted the first letters of "The Dark Boyz", TDB, and translated them into the letters Theta, Delta, and Beta, to mimic the traditional Greek fraternal system. What began as a lighthearted attempt to organize a closely-knit group of friends quickly grew in popularity and population into an organization spanning four chapters. After its founding in 1990 on the UC Irvine campus, Theta Delta Beta expanded to Cal State Fullerton in 1991. Three years later, they established themselves at UCLA in 1994. In 2002 a chapter was created at Cal State Long Beach. Most recently, another chapter was founded on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona in 2008..

From its humble beginnings, Theta has evolved into an organization of the heart. And embedded at its heart is the unconditional love that inspired the seventeen founding fathers to create the brotherhood. The brotherhood has quickly grown into well over a hundred strong and has evolved into a true family. The name, "The Dark Boyz", that our entire family continues to embrace, with its roots and rich history, certainly fits the organization's timeless values and culture.

Theta Delta Beta cultivates and celebrates the intellectual, imaginative and humanitarian promise of each its brothers and lil' sisters in a family that encourages education, practices mutual respect, embraces diversity, and inspires a passion for unconditional love.

Did you know....

  1. We are the first Filipino Fraternity in California established in 1990.
  2. We strive for quality, versus quantity.
  3. One of our brothers is a founder of KABA Modern.
  4. We are involved in the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) Parade [one of our brothers is the main organizer].
  5. One of our brothers organized World of Dance.
  6. The last 3 of 4 Friendship Games coordinators have been a Theta Brother. The other one is a Theta lil'sis.
  7. We have a brother that wrote a book on Filipino youth that is gradually becoming required reading in colleges that teach Asian American Studies.
  8. We have brothers that own their own clothing store (Rooted Movement).
  9. We have a brother that edited the Black Eyed Pea's "Bebot" video

"Once you start a movement, the momentum, the inertia is always operating and it's pretty hard to stop it. You cannot even stop it. One individual cannot stop it. You stop now, and somebody picks it up, and it keeps going."

-Philip Vera Cruz